About the author

If I had to choose the thing I love most, it would have to be reading. I love books, and nothing beats the feeling you get when you get a new book off a shelf. How could you not love books? They make time-traveling possible – if we can put it this way, and they challenge our intelligence and imagination.

So, even if our lives often seem mundane and uninteresting, reading can take you to a different realm, and make you experience life in someone else’s shoes. That is to say, reading is a means of escaping reality without the need to leave the room.

Of course, it was my unceasing passion for books that convinced me to get my bachelor in English Literature and Creative Writing. And during college years, I witnessed the struggles most students go through when it comes to academic assignments. After we graduate, we tend to forget about the challenges we had to surpass as students; so, we simply stop caring.

Nonetheless, I wanted to do something in order to ease the life of students. I knew that many of them were looking for writing companies online because they were simply unable to complete difficult assignments in a short timeframe. I have faced the same situation. If I had to complete each assignment when it was due, I would have had to renounce all my hobbies – reading included. And I couldn’t do that.

On that note, I started creating reviews of top writing services. Concurrently, though, I also review less reliable companies, so that students can make an informed decision determined by actual facts, not by false claims and promises. Student life should also be enjoyed, and it is much more than an overflowing number of complicated assignments. I am hopeful that my reviews can help, in this respect!